Software Engineer

Two years and a half of professional experience

In the kitchen there are 2 kinds of people. Cooks and chefs. Cooks follow instructions where chefs experiment and invent new recipes. Cooks apply principles “because that’s how it’s done”. Chefs understand those principles, make them their own, and use them wisely. In software engineering, as well as in the rest of my life, I want to be a chef rather than a cook.

Skills overview



Native language.


CEFR: C2 / TOEIC: 985


Still learning.
JLPT N5 planned for 2018, N3 for 2020.

Human skills


The ability to work independently, support myself, and make my own decisions.


Using my imagination to come up with original thoughts, ideas, etc.


The coordination of the activities of myself or other people in an efficient way.


The practice and quality of teaching and transmitting knowledge.

Agile methodology

I work with Scrum, Kanban and XP.

Analytical skill

The ability to visualize and abstract systems and extract relevant data to solve complex problems.

Technical skills



It’s one of my favorite programming languages, and the one I’ve used the most.


It’s the web framework I work with for more than 2 years.


It’s the main front-end language.

React & Redux

It’s the library I’ve used for most of my professional front-end development.


My preferred scripting language. I’ve developed a few tools using it.


It is my favorite CI environment. I use it both at work and for my personal projects.

SQL Server

The SQL engine I used for years, with SQL and T-SQL.

Architecture and clean coding

Organizing applications and code following best practices.



I develop most of my front-end personal projects with Vue, and use VueX for state management.


I discovered F# at school and started experimenting with it on my own.


I use groovy almost exclusively to write scripts to configure our Jenkins continuous integration server.

Java (& Android)

I worked a few months on an Android application in Java.

ASP.NET Webforms

I work on “legacy” webforms pages from time to time, mainly for maintenance or migration purposes.

 JMeter (& Taurus)

I conducted spikes on JMeter and Taurus, and wrote some load tests using these tools.


Professional project

I want to work in both the fields of AI and gamification, because I think both can do a lot for users and can change the way applications are conceived and used. To do that, I will start developing open source applications and frameworks in relation to big data, natural language processing and game design.

I want to keep working in the technical field, but also learn new non-technical creative skills (maybe drawing, making steel figurines, narrating stories in front of an audience…) because I believe it’s essential to keep my mind open and challenge myself. I will always try to couple my technical skills with my non-technical ones, like I already do with my writing skills: I’m currently developing applications to help fiction writers in the process of creating novels.

I also plan to work a few years abroad, preferably in Japan, and launch my own software company.


Skills projection